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Gun Violence a Country in Crisis
By Wanda Rose, JD, MPH

The second amendment promotes the right to bear arms #calltoaction. However,there has to be strict guidelines for this right to bear arms. We are in a public health emergency, over 30,000 individuals a year are injured or killed due to gun violence.

This crisis requires the same action that we would have for any emergency. Now is the time for action, political will can change the trajectory of gun violence in this country. We can not afford to delay action towards limiting the availability of guns in our country.

Innocent victims are being injured and killed on a daily basis. From the Florida massacre to the current incident in Virginia Beach. All of this is more evidence that we are a country in crisis, in the midst of a public health emergency. The crisis goes beyond any racial divisions in the country because gun violence affects every citizen. The violence can be attributed to our ill equipped mental health system but this crisis is more than a mental health crisis. We are in the mix of an emergency with complex components.

This emergency calls for action, an outcry is required to prevent future damage to the fabric of our nation! When will the country stand and say this is enough.
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Violence is a Public Health Crisis


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