Rob Smith- 2020 Community Trailblazer

Russell Miles-2020 Community Trailblazer

Pastor Brandon Boutin

Pastor Brandon Boutin has embarked on issues such as mental health, criminal justice reform and worked internationally on efforts to promote an understanding of religion and cultures. Pastor Boutin is a recent graduate of the Loyola Institute of Politics. He has been in the forefront of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church and served under the leadership of Bishop Paul S Morton Sr. & Pastor Debra B. Morton for 38 years. His outreach has always extended beyond the church through his involvement with ministerial and community boards. He has served as a strategist for the MICAH project, community liaison for the Crime Stoppers New Orleans, serves a secretary for the New Orleans Ethics Review Board and has been active in the Urban league. Recently, he was appointed to a position in the New Orleans Mayor’s office as The Faith Based Coordinator.On January 12, 2020 Pastor Boutin was selected as the next pastor of United Fellowship Full Gospel Church.

Mrs. Sharon Starks

Mrs. Sharon Starks has worked in her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta on community service projects that impact the community. She is a long-standing member of Delta Sigma Theta New Orleans Alumnae Chapter and currently serves as the State Coordinator. Sharon Starks not only speaks about service but actively serves the community. Her dedication is evident in her service to the New Orleans Section of the National Council of Negro Women, where she has served as Vice President and President. She is also a member of the Pontchartrain chapter of the Links. She has spent a lifetime of service in Human Services and Public Health, her work ethic exemplifies a life of dedication and service. 

Dr. Shondra G. Williams

Dr. Shondra G. Williams, she has provided strong leadership in the field of health care. She is the CEO, of InclusivCare a Federally Qualified Health Care Center that serves thousands of patients each year. She is the immediate past present of the Louisiana Primary Care Association where she advocated for patients and health centers. She has a passion for leadership and service to her community. She has spent her career working to increase the health care resources and equity for individuals in Louisiana.  Dr. Williams is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, where she participates in numerous community service activities.

Bishop Robert J. Taylor

Bishop Robert J. Taylor, the Pastor of Greater Northshore Full Gospel Baptist Church is not only a phenomenal pastor but has also built a church dedicated to serving its members and the community. The church located in Slidell, Louisiana uses its facilities to provide activities, such as basketball for youth and provides free meals to hundreds of individuals, who may not have access to food. The church also donates money to a variety of community efforts. Bishop Taylor and his wife are a ray of sunshine, as leaders of their church. Greater Northshore Full Gospel Baptist Church is a shining example of community building and building a strong legacy that uplifts not only it’s members but also the community. 


Mrs. Ingrid F. Johnson- 2020 Community Trailblazer

Mayor Alma Moore -2020 Community Trailblazer